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  • Puzzle Joy

    Puzzle Joy - Classic puzzle games 

    It merges the best and free puzzle

    games, like Draw Lines, Block Box, One Line, Quick Shoot and other free puzzle games, provides you the best experience for all in one popular puzzle games collection, easy but funny and full of challenge.

  • Dot n Beat

    Dot n Beat

    Dot n Beat is a music arcade game, which tests your hand speed and music rhythm.How to play it ?Follow the beats and control the direction of light ball by tapping the screen.

  • Sky Up

    Sky Up - Keep Alive

    The most challenging and fun rising game of 2019!  Protect your voyager with one finger while it is rising up. Clear your way as you 

    reach higher and higher! The voyager is very fragile, even one little obstacle can kill it. 

  • Bouncing Bomb

    The most challenging and fun bouncing game of 2019! Move your bouncing bomb 

    clockwise with the center point. Under the 

    traction of the elastic rope, the bouncing 

    bomb will rotate around the center point.

  • Dash Snake

    Dash Snake

    Slide a snake made up of many small balls to break the bricks. Different skins have 

    different skills,come and discover their 

    uniqueness! Simple operation and test brain power, make the biggest snake ever!

  • Rolling Love

    Rolling Love - Draw Physics Line

    Use common physical knowledge, enjoy 

    solving puzzles by drawing lines or shapes~ 

    Singe or double balls, fusion balls, color 

    changing balls, multifarious levels make you 


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